Thanks St Martin's CofE Primary Dorking - the clothes have arrived!

In June the pupils at St Martin's CofE Primary School in Dorking collected together over 250 bags of high quality clothing and shoes ranging from items for preschool age, all the way up to gear for teenagers. These were all to be sent out to the Chilubula community.

Clothes repacked and loaded up in Croydon (keep your eye on the mascot)
Transfer to the truck which will be shipped to Zambia
The mascot it still here! - The clothes arrive in Africa
Clothes arrive at CCC. Some are placed under the verandah but can you spot the mascot?

Literacy and numeracy classes prove popular

Thanks to Eunice, a retired primary school teacher, 2 support classes are now up and running. These take place after school and provide support classes for English, maths and Bemba. One class is for 6-9 year olds and the other for 9-12 year olds. 50 children attend in total.

Bees are moving into the Chilubula Children's Centre

Following construction of the beehives in 2013 we now have three active hives at the children's centre. Keeping bees and harvesting honey is not a common activity in this part of Zambia but Leonard is persisting and the bees are becoming more keen too!

Leonard is going to visit Nkokomfumu village around 50km away to see what they do to succeed with their bees. A bee suit donated by one of our supporters is currently on its way out to Chilubula.

Toy shipment arrives safely

Following a request from Leonard for outdoor toys for the pre-school children our trustee Lucy used ebay to accumulate a wide range of exciting stuff which included a play house, slide, sand-pit and various push alongs. The toys arrived last month and Leonard has told us that children that attend the afternoon classes arrive at 10am to play with the tricycles and scooters. Many thanks also go to Charlie Kambuka for his continued support with shipping items out to the Chilubula Children's Centre.

Goat Project Update

We now have 7 goats at the centre, all being kept at the Chilubula Children's Centre under the watchful eye of Leonard, the centre manager and the goat herd.

Leonard has concerns around the weaning of the new kids as two new-borns were lost last year. The pictures below show the goat herd grazing the goats in both the dry and the wet seasons.

Goats being grazed in the dry season
Goats being grazed in the wet season

Donation from AKT II

We are hugely thankful for the support of AKT II in 2016, their staff raised funds by running and cycling some impressive distances and were very generous in their donation to Chilubula.

More Donations

We are very grateful to Woodcote Primary School for the donation of surplus uniforms, the children are very pleased with them. Bicycles are the second instalment of our outdoor toy collection and these have continued to prove very popular with the children. We would like to thank Pop Choir for the donation of the t-shirts